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12:34pm 06/01/2005
  Just figured I'd give you a dose of daily reading. To keep your minds as expanded as they'll go. *chuckles*

Plus this concept fascinates me, and seems familiar in many ways.

The Layman's Guide to Multiplicity.

So yeah, just posting to keep this community alive, and to give you all something interesting to read. And now that my job is done, I shall blast off into the stratosphere. *blasts*
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12:01am 16/12/2004
  This is a place to talk about spiritual experiences. Specifically, those of us who may have had something spiritual happen to us that was a bit more than just "my toothbrush moved".

Spirit guides, companions, whatever you wish to call them are more common than people think, just like most things. I know there are already lots of communities for this type of thing, but when I went to one seeking advice, I didn't get any. It's not so much that they were unkind to me, so much as, for the most part, I was ignored. I found this to be unfair, and decided that maybe I'd have better luck striking out on my own and perhaps finding others who may have had experiences more similar to mine.

Or even not. But maybe we can all get some help and advice, or at least understanding, here.

This community is members only. If you wish to join, leave me a comment telling me a little bit about why. Or, if you're uncomfortable with that, send me a personal e-mail (it can be found on my info page). Remember to include your username!

I hope this works out, for all of us.
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